Fashion Star Week 5 Recap

Last night on Fashion Star, the contestants had to create looks for their collections to feature in blank window spaces with live models. In this week's episode, both Nikki & Ronnie ignite bidding wars for their dresses. H&M took Nikki's dress with a counter-bid against Saks for $80,000. Macy's defeated H&M in a bidding battle and took Ronnie's dress for $110,000. Luciana, who received her first offer last week, walks away with a $100,000 offer from Saks for her sheath dress. Ross' adorable vest (check the website for up close detail!) sells to Macy's for $50,000. In the end, Orly & Edmund face the judges and Orly is saved for another week with a reminder that "losing track of vision is the kiss of death for designers". Interestingly enough, the buyers seem to be spot on with choosing designs that mesh well with the other merchandise stocked in their stores. Who do you think is the next Fashion Star??

The winning looks...

Sleeveless Low-V Sheath Dress designed by Ronnie $119 (Also in Black or Floral)

Cropped Double Breated Vest designed by Ross $59 (Also in Pink Pinstripe)

Jacket designed by Sarah $29.95

Patterned Dress designed by Nikki $19.95

Sheath Dress designed by Luciana $295


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