Fashion Star Recap: Week 6

     Last night on Fashion Star, the designers were pushed by the buyers to think out of the box and step out of their comfort zones. In a surprising twist this week, the clothing was modeled for the buyers, anonymously so all of judging could be based strictly on items being presented. Ross & Luciana showed first and impressed the judges with their attention to detail in their designs. Ross received a $50,000 offer for his lingerie set while Luciana ignited a bidding war between Macy's & Saks; selling to Macy's for $100,000. Nzimiro's dress based on how he wants his woman to look took $50,000 from H&M. In the third round, Ronnie was the only one to receive an offer, $50,000, for his suit that "narrowly escapes being just like Borat's". For the final offer of the night, Kara walked away with $100,000 from Saks & was reassured from Terron that "Saks really, really likes her". This week, four designers were up for elimination: Nikki, Barbara, Orly & Sarah. Although Barbara stepped it up in week 4 with her halter dresses she was eliminated for failing to receive offers 2 weeks in a row.

The winning designs...


Dress designed by Nzimiro $29.95
(Also in Black)

Lingerie Set designed by Ross $14.95
(Also in White/Aqua


Cropped Collarless Metallic Jacket designed by Luciana $99
 (Also in Light Pink or Multi)

One-Piece Mesh Inset Swimsuit designed by Ronnie $89
(Also in Solid Black)


Chiffon Dress designed by Kara $375

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