Fashion Star Week 4 Recap

On Last night's episode, "High End Appeal/Mass Market Appeal", designers were tested in their abilities to create looks that would appeal to two completely different markets. Both Nikki's dress & Kara's Jacket ignited bidding wars and both designers ended up walking away with $70,000 offers for their winning designs. Luciana received her first bid, in the series, $60,000 for her beaded dress and was commended for finally figuring out a way to make her designs "sexy, wearable, & classy". Barbara also received her first bid, $50,000 from Macy's to buy both of her sleeveless dress designs. In the end, Lisa was sent home for failing to showcase her ability to create innovative designs for the competition.

The winning designs...


Red Dress ($24.95) & White Dress ($39.95) Designed by Sarah

Dress Designed by Nikki $34.95


Sleeveless Printed Halter Dress Designed by Barbara $99

Sleeveless Hooded Halter Dress also Designed by Barbara $79


Beaded Dress Designed by Luciana $225

Tailcoat Jacket Designed by Kara $395

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