Stoney Creek RV Resort



     Are your trips well planned out or do you like to live spontaneously? Here’s how we ended up Stoney Creek RV Resort…I called Corey & asked if he had any plans for stopping for the night (he didn’t) & then told him to take the next exit for a campground. We lucked out getting a spot & turned it into a weekend stay to recuperate. We enjoyed searching for different flavors of Wisconsin cheese to try & Saturday morning bloody mary’s & mimosas at the RV lodge. Is traveling 1,200 miles cross country with a newborn doable? YES. Do we recommend it? 10/10 NO. We made it though & Walker’s ready to start meeting his family in Ohio & Tennessee!! 

My hooded flannel is from American Eagle however I found the look for less on sale for $14.99 at Macy’s!

Hooded Plaid Flannel 

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