One Month!


    Our sweet, little squirtle is 1 month old today. He loves snuggles, bottles, pulling mommy’s hair & daddy’s beard and watching cocomelon at cousin Ellie’s house. (She’ll be 8 months tomorrow!) I can’t remember what life was like before him. We are so blessed. 

As far as mama’s 1st month: I don’t recommend comparing recovery experiences but I sure as heck like to read them. Sharing for other c-section mamas to give yourself grace during the healing process. It’s so easy to overdo it & set yourself back:

•I slept in a recliner for the 1st 4 weeks; being back in bed is awesome but I still can’t sleep on my sides or get out of bed very comfortably. 

•I’m back to driving but can feel every bump in the road.

•Certain chairs hurt & I’m cautious with getting up too fast & bending over. 

• It took me a month to be brave enough to look at my incision & it’s 100% not scary with no scarring thanks to an awesome doc. 

• Highly recommend an abdominal binder, heating pad & Celebrex.

✨Most importantly, I’d do it all over again & I think Corey is the real MVP for taking care of us. ❤️

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