Blanket Scarves are Your Best Friend!

     Oh the weather outside is frightful but my scarf is so delightful. Any quick Amazon search or trip to the store confirms that I can't possibly be the only person with a scarf problem...see a cute scarf, buy it! There are so many options everywhere! Blanket scarves are my new favorite for chilly days because of the awesome level of coziness. Can I ever figure out how I want to wear it? Not really!  Does it legit double as a blanket? Heck, yes! I will never have too many!

    I call this one testing my husband's patience! I mean, c'mon, its the last day of November! If I dont throw leaves in the air now then I'll have to wait until next fall. Gasp! Tune in next week when I get my tinsel in a tangle...joking...maybe.

Shop this scarf & more! So many cute options from $7.99 & up!

This Zando Oversized Plaid Blanket Scarf is only $12.99 & free prime shipping.

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