butter LONDON Sweetie Shop for Spring 2013

     Learn a little London lingo with the latest nail shade names from butter London. The Sweetie Shop collection has arrived for Spring 2013 with pastel perfection! From mint to lavender these opaque shades pack a pastel punch unlike any other! Shop the entire collection here.

Sweetie Shop Colors

Toasted opaque tan crème nail lacquer.
A cup of tea. “Do you fancy a cuppa?”

 Opaque icy mint crème
 Street slang for a five pound note.

Fruit Machine
Opaque punchy carnation crème.
Slot machine; present in most English pubs and notorious for emptying pocketbooks on payday.
Opaque bright pastel yellow crème.
 A wasp or yellow jacket.
Opaque pink coral crème.
 A commotion or fuss; smaller than a brawl, larger than a snag.

Molly Coddled
Opaque lavender orchid crème
A mum’s act of coddling, sheltering and sissifying her child.

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