NOSMUDGEE Mascara Shield

     We all know the're almost ready for a night out, just one final step: mascara!  When suddenly, the fate of your flawless finish face is destroyed by a mascara smudge. Ahhh!  It's the toughest material to remove from skin or at least it feels like it!!  The good news: that scenario may never happen again!  Thanks to the NOSMUDGEE, now you can apply as much mascara as you want without the risk of touching the mascara (wand) to your eyelids.  Coat & build your lashes or try my personal fave; curl by holding your lashes against the card with the mascara brush.  No smudges, smears or pulled out eyelashes; just fabulous lashes!

The NOSMUDGEE can be held comfortably behind the lashes on either eye without ever switching hands. Simple and easy flawless mascara application every time.

Hold the NOSMUDGEE...

behind your upper lashes,

behind your lower lashes,

or vertically behind your lashes while you apply mascara freely. 

Flash us your lashes! Play around with the NOSMUDGEE tool & submit your pic to be featured on the NOSMUDGEE homepage!

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We're excited to hear that you're using the NOSMUDGEE Mascara Shield for a simple & easy flawless mascara application every time :) Thanks for sharing NOSMUDGEE tips with your readers!

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