Taco bout Having a Baby!


     Walker was a scheduled c-section from the get go (due to my Crohn’s history + added bonus of being breech). Getting him here happy & healthy was all that mattered to me. I’ve never been a dream birth plan type, in fact if I could amazon prime my babies I would.  I will say in a world full of unknowns knowing his exact birthdate for months was quite the luxury for us. 

We arrived at the hospital at 5:30am for pre-op. Went to the OR at 8 & at 8:42am had our baby! I did skin to skin & even breastfed in the OR while being stitched up. Having had previous surgeries & even a spinal before, I felt pretty chill about the whole process, however there was a moment while getting prepped in the OR where I thought “you know what I think I’ll just go home now; not doing this today”. Once Corey came in for go time, I was good to go again & once back to our hospital room I even told him I want more babies.  We couldn’t have asked for a better experience at Sanford Health…Blessed with the best doctors & nurses, we’re more serious than joking when we say we’ll fly back to Thief River Falls to have our next baby! 

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