Walmart Finds: Tie Dye Kit


& After!!!

     I have been finding so many fun items at Walmart this season. From drawstring waist denim shorts to new jammies, but my all time favorite find is this tiered T-shirt dress. I picked up the gray color and transformed it with my tie dye kit. 

Tie Dye Kit with 10 colors, gloves & rubber bands $12.97

My inspiration for my tie dye color selection... my all time favorite comfiest sandals!
UGG Mural Royale Originally: $70 Sale: $48.99 

*My Tie Dye Tips*

1. Get the fabric damp, pre-dye
2. Let that dye sit (waiting is the hardest part!)
3. Rinse each color with some cold water & squeeze out the excess dye.
4. Then rinse with vinegar & cold water.
5. Let dry overnight.
6. Wash in cold water.
BONUS TIP: Don’t wash white shirts in the next washer load...oops!

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