Putting Acne Spot Treatments to the Test!

     One of my Black Friday deals was Tula’s go away acne spot treatment. Curiosity 100% killed the cat as so many influencers & bloggers share Tula on a regular basis. Inspired by that purchase I decided to test a few spot treatments over the course of a couple months & find the real magic wand winner. 

 For skin reference, my skin is normal to oily. My breakouts are 100% diet induced...seriously, I could probably just lick a pieces of cheese & get a new pimple. The struggle! I stick with a mostly dairy-free diet but some things are just hard to say no queso! Can’t turn that down...won’t stop, can’t stop!

Prior to trying this product, I’ve used both the Yes to Tomatoes daily balancing moisturizer & micellar water, both of which I love! (I’m skeptical for moisturizers with my oily skin tendencies & this was a perfect match for me.) Since I’ve had success with other products in the line I figured why not try 1 more?! 

1. The metal roller ball provides an awesome cooling effect on irritated skin as well as painful blemishes. 
2. A gentle formula, did not dry out my skin.
3. Reduces redness.

1. It’s hard to tell if the serum is coming out or not on the roller ball.
2. Takes time to eliminate the breakout.

2. Tula Go Away Acne Spot Treatment $20 (purchased mine on Black Friday for $15)

Okay let’s start with something positive...I will sing praise for Tula’s eye balm all day long, sooo good. Now let’s cut to the chase...I will never buy this again. This is perfect if you want to nurse a pimple for a month with the slowest eradication ever. Like if that pimple is your new best friend & you think you might miss it, use this. 

1. I’m drawing a blank.

1. Peeling skin
2. Bleaches fabric (I should have noticed the Benzoyl peroxide ingredient before buying.) Even if you think you’ve washed your hands really good, you’ll somehow bleach mark your bathroom towels...sadness! 

Let’s just cut to the chase...hello miracle worker! This stuff rocks!!! A little goes a long way. You can wear under makeup if you want. I use as a part of my nightly skincare routine & dab a little on a breakout before bed each night.

1. Eliminates zits fast! 1-2 nights!
2. No peeling skin

1. Scent. I know this is a dealbreaker for a lot of people, myself included, but I think it’s 100% worth it for the results. The main ingredient is sulfur so you obviously have a sulfur scent but it does go away as it dries.


Avarelle Acne Patch $8.50 (40 patches)

These are fun because they’re almost no show. I like to put on overnight (that’s not what the directions say to do. Oops) They 100% reduce the size of a breakout overnight. 

For pesky breakouts...

There’s nothing worse then feeling counterproductive by covering up a zit with makeup. This concealer rocks! It contains salicylic acid so you can treat your breakout while concealing it. Easily blends in with your foundation & primer. It’s available in 5 colors & is about 50% cheaper on amazon than buying in stores!!

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