I Love You to the Moon & Back

     Once upon a time there was a guy & a gal. The guy was from Tennessee & the girl was from Ohio. They met & fell in love in Ohio and decided to plan a wedding in Tennessee; while leaving happily ever after open to being in any state, any time. Now this is just a snippet in our love story, what state will your love be?

Introducing the "I love you to..." State tee

 Why it rocks:

  •  It's a glitter tee
  • The more glitter the better...the design is in glitter too!
  • It's fully customizable; you pick your fave state and colors.

Profess your love for your home state or loved one's home state. "I love you to..." State Tee $20

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Michelle Poston said...

Ahahhaa great idea! You should post it at There you can get funds to make it a business.

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