Revlon Moon Candy Nail Color

     Sometimes all it takes is a fun name to spark my compulsive shopping. Revlon had me at "Moon Candy". Who doesn't love candy & the moon is pretty stellar?!! The new Nail Art comes in 8 duos; each with a solid base & glitter flake top coat. They retail for $8.95 each; however, you can catch discounts at Rite Aid or even BOGO 50% off a Walgreens if your timing is lucky!

     This polish felt like another Revlon Expression Experiment! I've never worn black nail polish. My obsession with the celeb-chic black nails doesn't work as well on my long nails. Feels very goth, claw-like, witchy...Here goes:

  • Revlon ColorStay in Base Coat
  • Revlon ColorStay in Top Coat
  • New Revlon Moon Candy Nail Art in Moon Dust.
  1. First, I used 2 coats of Revlon ColorStay base coat just to be sure the black polish would come off my nails easily & not "dye" my nails.
  2. Next I applied 1 coat of black. (Started to feel like I should be collecting bones & making voodoo dolls)
  3. After waiting 10 minutes, I applied the glitter flake. This took some patience & a lot of polish. (I wanted to cover my nails & the black evenly to sweeten up the bold color)
  4. After waiting another 10 minutes, I applied Revlon ColorStay in Top Coat. MAJOR obsession, I apply this clear coat over ever color for a flawless finish & long-lasting manicure

The Results:

My night owl nails ;)

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