Fashion Star Recap: Week 9

     Just one more episode left in the series; next week we will find out who is the next Fashion Star in the grand finale! Last night's episode was "Buyer's Choice" where the buyers decided what each designer would create & in a twist of fate, 3 designers were sent home. 4 out of the 6 remaining designers made sales this week while receiving an offer from the buyers did not ensure safety from elimination & the designers sold more than one style to more than one buyer. Kara broadened her market appeal this week by finally selling to all 3 stores with a $60,000 offer from H&M for her collared dress/top & a $60,000 bid from Macy's for her trench. Ronnie also sold to both H&M and Macy's with $50,000 from Macy's for his suit & a bidding war finale at $110,000 from H&M for his dress. One more lucky designer had two sales; Orly to both H&M and Saks at $60,000 & $100,000. The last sale of the evening at $50,000 went to Nikki from Saks for another one of her bold print designs and she also completed the goal of being sold in all three stores. Luciana & Nzimiro did not make sales with their designs yet Nzimiro got saved for the grand finale & Luciana was sent home. Even though Nikki & Orly had sales they were both sent home with Luciana. Kara, Ronnie & Nzimiro will compete for a $6 Million dollar contract in the grand finale!

The winning designs...

Dress designed by Ronnie $39.95

Blazer designed by Orly $39.95

Top designed by Kara $24.95

Double Lapel Jacket & Wide-Leg Pants designed by Ronnie $208

Lightweight Twill Trench Coat designed by Kara $99

Sleeveless Dress designed by Orly $295

Striped Dress designed by Nikki $295

Finale Preview

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darci said...

I love this show because it's the one 'girly' show I can actually get my boyfriend to watch with me lol. I think the format is way better than any other post-Project Runway / America's Next Top Model type show and I also really like Elle McPherson as the host. I'm so glad it got renewed for a second season!

Oh and also I love how in this episode they used the song "Naked" by Dev during the runway show for the last two designers while all the fashions were being presented on the catwalk.

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