Thursday Friday

It's a Birkin! It's a bargain!...Nooo, it's Thursday Friday's incredibly clever fashion faux pas! We might not be the first to discover but better late than never; introducing the ultimate anti-status symbol totes. Canvas totes printed with iconic designer handbags for the perfect blend of fashion meets functionality. Head to the beach, toss in your groceries, jaunt around campus; where ever you prefer with out the worry of destroying that top-dollar designer leather. Whether you're making a fashion statement "I won't pay that much for a Birkin!" or enjoying a good laugh, Thursday Friday canvas, in several colors & styles, are perfect for any budget!

Bags come in 3 Sizes:
  • Here $35
  • Together $65
  • Super Together $90

*The Birkin is no longer on the Thursday Friday site but don't worry we found it for you!*
Pssst! Shop fast! These bags get waiting lists just like the real deal!

Together Bag $49
Also available on eBay in several colors starting at $29 but beware the tote that knocked off a Birkin is being knocked off too!

Moto Together Bag in Blue $65
Also available in several colors

"Diamonds" Here Bag in Teal $35
More Diamonds styles

"Braids" Together Bag in Charcoal $65
Browse more Braids

Images courtesy of Thursday Friday.

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